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In-Line Scale - Derived from postal weight verification research, the patented "Weigh on the Fly" technology enables ultra high speed mass detection in automation applications.  The technology can be applied anywhere high speed weighing operation is required.  The In-Line Scale system is an example of the muti-disciplinary application of Mechatronics.  The system employs elements of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software and control systems engineering. 

More than a letter weigher - The "Weigh on the Fly" patent is applicable to a broad range of mass measurement applications.  Applications ranging from flat bed checkweighers to chemical mass detectors can benefit from the technology.

Closed loop servo technology - Precision servo systems are applied to the mass in motion challenge with superior results.  Processing through-puts of greater that 1000 ppm are achievable. 



Ultra high speed - Processing to 1000 ppm and beyond.

Compact and elegant design - Small footprint enables easy retrofit to existing processing systems.  Simplicity of design enables cost reduction over load cell based systems.

Vibration immunity - Does not use gravity to effect mass measurement.  Force vectors are typically horizontal making the system immune to floor vibration.

Multiple orientations - Supports automation applications where the article path can be vertical or rotated axially.


In-Line Scale - The ILS technology is depicted in the graphic to the left.  In this application, a precision servo drives conveyor rollers to accelerate articles under test.  The servo behavior is monitored and processed extracting precision mass measurement.  


Implementation - The images to the right are examples of current implementations of the ILS technology.  Click here to see the technology in action.