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Here are summaries of our latest accomplishments.


New US Patent for weighing technology on ultra high speed sorter systems

US Patent # 8,153,911 was issued April 10, 2012 for weighing technology applied to high speed sorter systems.  The patent includes a series of claims for technology and process supporting ultra high speed operation and sampling intervals.  A video segment describing the application can be seen here.  BT Automated continues to develop technology that applies to non-postal applications including parcel scales, fulfillment weighers and food processors.  The insights gained from deploying the technology on high speed postal systems are readily applicable to a broad spectrum of automation systems where weighing objects in motion is required.


New US patent issued for weighing objects in motion

BT Automated continues to refine the "servo as a sensor" model for high speed weight detection applications.  US Patent # 8129635 was issued March 6, 2012 for the general approach of using torque sensing via precision servos to effect mass measurment.  This more comprehensive patent covers aspects of the process that enable high speed operation.  Applications of this latest grant include a broad range of areas including high speed food processing and logistics automation systems.  Additional US and European Patents are pending in the areas of flatbed conveyor configurations with broad application accross multiple industries.  


New US patent issued for high speed weighing technology

US Patent # 8106315 was issued January 31, 2012 for novel use of precision servo technology in gripping mechanisms for high speed scale systems.  This dual servo approach enables precise control of gripping force and damping to effect superior measurement resolution and accuracy as well as safe handling at ultra high speeds.  This approach enables the application of the scale technology to applications and markets beyond the postal and logistics industries.  Food processing applications in particular can benefit from the dual servo approach.  This latest patent in addition to the original US Patent #7687727 increases the breadth of intellectual property rights available to customers and partners of BT Automated.